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About Us...

Our small Rabbitry is located on Bethel Island, in the SF Bay Area county of Contra Costa. Our rabbits are housed in large, clean outdoor pens where they are able to enjoy fresh air and ample room to run and explore.  We do selective breedings of Purebred Flemish Giants (Fawn), Lionhead and Holland Lop rabbits and offer our rabbits as pets only.  Our hope is that our bunnies find committed and loving homes and become part of the family.  We do not offer our rabbits for sale during the week prior to or after Easter.  Please visit the OUR RABBITS page for available rabbits.  DonLin Ranch is a registered rabbitry and member of ARBA. Visits/Pickups by appointment only. 





Lionheads are a dwarf breed known for their fluffy mane. They come in a variety of colors and single and double maned. Their adorable appearance and compact size make them a common pick for families with children however extreme care must be taken and regular brushing is a necessity for this breed.  Lionheads are a very social and intelligent rabbit and often form a strong attachment with their owners.  Lionheads require a lot of attention and interaction to avoid depression, boredom, skittishness and aggression.  They are an energetic breed and require room to play and toys such as treat balls, tunnels, boxes etc.  Due to their very social nature, Lionheads do better as an altered pair or two females however care must be taken when introducing a Lionhead to a new rabbit.  Lionheads are a very long-lived breed, often reaching 10 years.  They do best kept indoors with consistent attention and affection.  A diet of high quality pellets and timothy hay along with treats in moderation is best.


Holland Lops are the smallest of the Lop breeds with an average weight between 2-4 pounds and lifespan of usually 7-9 years. HL's are known for being more calm and docile than many other pet rabbit breeds but are still energetic and lively requiring ample room for exercise, toys to keep them both occupied and stimulated along with human interaction and affection.  Holland Lops are an inquisitive, fun and playful breed that like to explore so boxes with cutouts and tunnels are a great addition to their play area.  They thrive under consistent and gentle petting, affection and attention.  With patience and consistency, they take to a litter box well.  Like most breeds, they do better with a friend.  A diet of high quality pellets, Timothy hay and treats in moderation is best.  Hollands come in a variety of colors.

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